Gold Filled Wire

Exactly what is gold filled wire? It is also called rolled gold wire. This is because a sheet of 14k gold is rolled around a layer of base metal, which is usually copper. For wire wrapping or wire sculpting we cannot work with 14k gold wire, due to the inflexiblility of the wire, which prevent us from making the curles so famous in the designs. This layer of gold is 100 times thicker than gold plated wire and will not wear off, even after hundreds of years. It is not electroplated, the layer of gold is a solid sheet. There have been jewelry pieces found from the time of Cleopatra that look just as good today as when they were originally made.
The wire is available in dead soft, half hard, full hard. The shapes available are round, half round, and square. The square wire is used to obtain the twisted look you see in the designs.

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