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Welcome to Fenya® - Artistic Wire Sculpted Jewelry.  Each piece personally designed, wire sculpted, or wire wrapped by jewelry artist Frances (Fenya) Lediaev. You will find unique pieces of jewelry as art, that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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Sold Designs

Each hand sculpted setting is designed specifically for each gemstone, crystal, or cameo, using one of the following wires: 14k gold filled, silver filled, sterling silver, copper,  brass, or artistic craft wires. You will not find two pieces that are exactly alike.  Imagine all the compliments you will receive while wearing a homemade design by Fenya. Each jewelry item is the ultimate in wrapped wire jewelry.
Enjoy your shopping experience!  If you have any questions please call Fenya at (559) 341-0919.  Custom orders are welcome.
Fenya® Artistic Wire Sculpted Jewelry is licensed to teach Preston Reuther's wire sculpting techniques! Email me a message to arrange a class.

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