Wire types

What is Gold filled wire -
The difference between gold filled vs. gold plated jewelry is that gold filled is of a higher quality. Also refered to as rolled gold and is at least 5% gold content by weight. There is 100 times more gold in gold filled wire vs. gold plated. Gold filled wire is bonded to a base metal (brass alloy) with heat and pressure. The exterior of the wire is solid 14K gold. Gold filled wire is a very high quality jeweler's wire. It will never tarnish, chip or wear away. The gold filled wire I use is either 14K or 12K gold. The jewelry made with gold filled wire will last you a lifetime!
What is Sterling silver wire -
Sterling is 92.5% percent pure (0.925), plus it has 7.5% other metals usually copper mixed in.
Silver filled wire -
Silver Filled is a thick layer of .925 Sterling Silver mechanically bonded to brass and is 1/10 or 10% by silver weight. It is hundreds of times thicker and more durable than Silver Plated.

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